Boeing to build satellite for mobile multimedia service in China

Honolulu HI (SPX) January, 2015

New York Broadband has selected Boeing Satellite Systems International for negotiation of a contract to build a new high-powered L-band satellite that will support mobile multimedia services to China and […]

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Bangladesh obtains orbital slot for satellite launching

Dhaka, Bangladesh January, 2015 Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) yesterday inked a landmark deal with Russian INTERSPUTNIK to obtain an orbital slot to launch the country maiden satellite, “Bangabandhu”, in the sky. […]

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Govt greenlights Tk 30bn project to launch satellite Bangabandhu

Dhaka, Bangladesh September, 2014 A meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) on Tuesday gave green light to the Tk 29.68 billion project that covers the manufacture and launch […]

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SPI serves as strategic advisor to Qatar Satellite Company

Bethesda, Maryland March, 2012

SPI serves as strategic advisor to QSC for the development its current and future satellite business, including orbital slot, satellite procurement, launch, and service strategies.

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SPI wins Bangladesh satellite consultancy contract from amongst 30 bidders

Dhaka, Bangladesh March, 2012

Bangladesh hires SPI to order debut satellite 30 March, 2012 The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has signed a consultancy agreement with US-based Space Partnership International (SPI) that will see the latter […]

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SPI helps Inmarsat to expand non-core business

Bethesda, Maryland March, 2010

Global M2M re-positioning strategy: including feasibility study, technical and financial assessment of Inmarsat’s existing M2M business model, complete value-chain assessment, make/buy evaluations for products and strategic partners.

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