Business Analysis & Planning

SPI has first-hand experience in planning and building numerous space-related startup companies, as well as leading major business initiatives at some of the most prominent space-related companies in the world.

SPI has developed many comprehensive business plans for the design, development, implementation and operation of the system, as well as operations for financing. Our experts have extensive experience developing business plans for satellite operators, as well as all types of service and content providers, in all regions of the world.

SPI Core Competencies

Space PI core competencies include:

  • Primary and Secondary Market Research
  • Value-chain Analysis and Positioning
  • Strength Weaknesses Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) Assessments
  • Product and Service Development, Quality Functional Deployment (House of Quality)
  • Product and Service Launch Strategies
  • Private, Public, Partnerships
  • Business Financial Modeling and Business Case Vetting, Sensitivity Analysis
  • Financing (specializing in facilitating Export Credit Agencies funds acquisition)
  • Stress Testing and Risk Analysis
  • Make/Buy Analysis
  • M&A, Joint Venture Prospecting.

Representative Assignments

  • Middle-Eastern private satellite operator: developed 5 and 10 year strategic plans for regional and global expansion.
  • European established satellite operator: developed and implemented strategic plan for a new satellite business.