Procurement Support / Program Management

SPI organizes and manages all phases of large scale, space-related procurements.

SPI focuses on developing procurement strategies to obtain the best terms and conditions. We ensure that our clients obtain the best price while maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability. We have a key role in sourcing, selecting and negotiating with spacecraft, launch service, ground segment supplier candidates, and prospective insurance companies.

The SPI Team also manages our clients’ projects and ensures that their expectations are met, in terms of deliverables and schedule. The purpose of this task is to keep the program on schedule and deliver all aspects of the program to our clients.

SPI Core Competencies

Space PI core competencies include:

Our team has been involved in projects contracted with every commercial manufacturer of satellites and provider of launch services all over the world:

  • Satellite Manufacturers & System Primes
    • Airbus (ex-EADS)
    • Boeing
    • Lockheed-Martin Commercial Space
    • MacDonald Dettwieler Space Systems/Loral
    • Thales-Alenia Space
    • Orbital/ATK
    • JSC Information Satellite Systems (ISS)
  • Launch Services
    • Arianespace
    • SpaceX
    • International Launch Services

Representative Assignments

  • Government agency aspiring satellite operator: developed turnkey procurement documents and led negotiations for satellite, launch vehicle, ground system, and insurance.
  • Aspiring private satellite operator: developed satellite procurement documents and led negotiations with a satellite manufacturer.