Risk Management

SPI Team members have been integrally involved in more than 200 space-related risk management, launch, and in-orbit insurance programs over the past 25 years. Our risk management program begins with a pro-active involvement in business planning and company objectives, and extends to choice of technology, procurement strategy and contract negotiations, financing options and commitments, customer service agreements, and other aspects of the business.

We assess space-related risks in terms of frequency and severity of impact to the company, broken down in phases across the entire mission lifecycle, from pre-launch, through to operations and end-of-life on-orbit. From this assessment, we develop and recommend risk mitigation strategies, based on trade-off analysis, for each component of the program, which helps to facilitate best-path decisions.

Through this evaluation, our team of experts looks to space insurance only to cover those risks that cannot be addressed by risk avoidance and mitigation strategies, whether technical, legal or financial.

SPI Core Competencies

Space PI core competencies include:

  • Lifecycle Risk Analysis: L-36 > L+
  • Technical Analysis
  • Procurement Contract Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Risk Allocation
  • Risk Mapping Retained Exposures
  • Loss Scenarios Impact Analysis
  • Selection and Oversight of Insurance Brokers
  • Analysis of Space Insurance Policies

Representative Assignments

  • LEO constellation operator: assessed risk and developed system-wide unique insurance solutions to protect assets and financial exposures.
  • Earth observation satellite operator: assessed whether the on-orbit satellite met the loss criteria defined in its insurance policy and provided a technical workaround solution.